day 7: I blame Pinterest for my delusional behavior.


Whew! I can’t believe I made it all 7 days! Granted, I did miss day 4 and had to post two on day 5, but still. I wrote 7 things. I posted 7 things. I woke up this morning thinking about writing and ended the day with sewing. So, the only appropriate thing for me to write about is sewing.

When I was a little girl, my mom sewed most of my clothes. Not just the occasional dress, but shirts and pants and even a swimsuit. My mom and I had some of our most epic fights over the clothes she made for me. It was never tight enough, short enough or sparkly enough. I would pout that I didn’t like it or it wasn’t perfect or I wanted to change something on it. I never understood why it took her so long to finish anything. Mom would get frustrated and tell me to stop being a brat. I would yell back at her more bratty things. It was awful.

This Christmas I asked for a sewing machine – and got TWO! I had so many dreams of being a patient and creative sewer. It would be therapeutic. It would be a way for me to produce something that normally just swirls around and around in my mind. It would be a way for me to actually do something I dreamed about. I just knew the minute I sat behind that sewing machine, I would be able to sew perfect lines and amazing dresses. I was going to be the next Anya and they would be begging me to go on Project Runway. I would respectfully decline, of course. I started looking through Vogue and InStyle and would point out the things I could make. Why spend all that money on something I could make myself?

Pinterest didn’t help anything to counteract this delusion. The DIY pages are full of projects that make me think – I can do that. I always think I can do everything.

Turns out, I can’t do everything. Case in point: We had a sewing day at my friend’s house the other day. One of the girls was a graduate of UT’s design program. She was incredible. She also brought over this super cute fox she made. You can guess what happened next – “I can make that”.

Here, let me just show you…

Guess who’s is on the right.
That’s right, folks.

So, I kept trying…


It’s definitely better, but it’s not great. All I can say is that I’m glad this is for 6 year old girls that love me verrrry much.

I don’t foresee my invite to be on Project Runway any time soon, but I must say, I’m having a great time. I am beginning to understand why my mom took so long when she was making my clothes. My mom deserves more than an apology for my bratty behavior.

Sewing is hard. Sewing is time consuming. But there is something very satisfying about it.

I’ll keep you posted, maybe I’ll actually make something that looks like what it was supposed to.


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